I'm an adventurer, inflicted with the constant itch of travel, drawn to the remote and wild corners of the world. I don't sit still well, but when I do, I call San Francisco my home. There, you can order everything and have it delivered. You can outsource your life. You can outsource the challenge of existing. With adventure and travel, there is hustle. On the road, you must work to survive. It’s intoxicating. It forces you to focus. Every day is a challenge. Your senses are alert. These days, we are often connected, but socially disconnected from the world. I know I am a product of the digital culture, yet on the road, I am alive. It’s electric. Give me a laptop, a camera, and my creativity is yours. 

We outsource so much of our life that the thrill of adventure can get lost. I take photos to remind me to slow down, enjoy the moment, and that we should never forget to live. A good photo stir memory and emotion.

There is an app for everything these days, and I’m partly to blame. I build apps and create mobile-first strategies for companies around the world. I thrive on the challenge app development provides. My goals for building them are similar to photography - to make you feel.

A good travel photo may give you the inspiration to visit some far-flung location, a great photo will fill you with fear, sorrow, memories, or happiness. Apps are not much different, they need to enrich the experience of working with a product, brand, or community.

Wherever possible, I try to combine both photography and apps to make an impact. 

In the end, I create experiences: in apps, and in photography.