We all know the key to selling more is less time managing your opportunity pipeline. Dash reimagines Salesforce opportunity management for the mobile professional by eliminating redundant steps, allowing single tap updates, and providing valuable insights into your sales performance.


Your pipeline just got smarter.

Search and review your opportunities by months, quarters, or current year and use the intelligent insights to see pipeline performance.


update critical fields

Dash is designed to put the most common, and important fields at your fingertips, with as few taps as possible. You can update opportunity close dates, current status, amount, and add notes — basically, everything you need to manage your pipeline on the go.


Just dash and Go

The Dash button allows you to personalize the default instant action to be applied to opportunity updates. You can select the desired status, choose a standard number of days, months, quarter to push out a deal, or easily add a note after a meeting. Once configured, all you need to do is tap the Dash button anywhere in the app.


built-in time machine

Keeping track of changes in Salesforce is hard. Dash makes it’s it incredibly simple by providing an organized list of changes to your opportunity records.


Purchasing Dash from the App Store helps support Indie developers like me continue to add more features to make it the best, more productive app for Sales Reps. Another way of showing support is through donations and feedback. I’ve created a GoFundMe page where, for a small donation, you leave ideas for future enhancements, and help pay for ongoing costs including websites, marketing, on-going app development and testing, and the occasional coffee. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I really appreciate it. Thank you!